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We understand the importance of recycling, for the local environment and economy as well as the global trade market. Check out our full-service recycling programs. Find out how you can keep the planet clean, all while supplementing your income. Do you know how much scrap metal is worth?new-orleans-recycling-center

Contact New orleans Scrap Metal for price quotes and roll-off container information. One of our friendly team members will gladly help answer any questions.

New orleans Scrap Metal is a private company categorized under Wholesale Scrap Metals and Iron. We have been operating since 1964 and are well recognized in the metal industry. Our commitment to the community is to supply innovative recovery, recycling, and energy-efficient solutions. Simply the one of the best recycling centers New Orleans has.

Let us tell you why to choose our New Orleans recycling center. Our entire self-owned truck fleet provides access to immediate swap and spotting of containers. This insures that our customers can count on normal operations without hindrance or delay. Our automated bailing process gives us a valuable advantage that is passed on to our customers. We sort and clean our materials until they are suitable for consumption by primary consumers. That provides us with a competitive edge in the metal recycling industry. Here’s what we provide that most others don’t:

  • Versatile forms of transportation
  • Professional, friendly personnel
  • 24/7 service
  • Safe and clean work environment
  • Self-owned trucks
  • Dispatched trucks to ensure flexible schedule requirements
  • Paying competitive prices
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability

Recycling metal helps to limit the amount of garbage in landfills. It creates jobs and slows the consumption of natural resources. You can earn extra cash by bringing scrap metal to our recycling center or you can help a charity by donating your aluminum cans. In other words, recycling preserves the environment and helps to build a cleaner, better future. The best metal recycling New Orleans can offer.

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